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Sequinette really takes the utmost care with my pets, including my fussy senior dog. I’ve never had a more thoughtful and skilled groomer, and cannot recommend her more highly. I’m constantly getting stopped in the street by people who want to know who make my pups look so fantastic, and I am always excited to get to tell them about Sequinette. We are lucky to have found Fur Majesty!
— Ketch Wehr - Yorkville
Sequinette is the BEST.   She was recommended to us by our wonderful dog walker friend, Hadley (   Her in-home grooming service solved a huge problem for us:  our sweet senior guy had begun to develop major anxiety around being left at the groomer.   Having Sequinette come to the house is a whole different story.  Our boy LOVES her.  We do too.  She’s wonderful with him—skilled, caring, gentle and thorough.  She’s also prompt, professional AND a lovely, gentle presence to have in your home.  We recommend her highly!  
— Lisa and Madeleine - Boerum Hill
I was searching for an in home groomer for my Shih Tzu (Tanya) after having gone through several unsuccessful attempts. My dog had bad experiences with impatient groomers and was often traumatized for weeks after a grooming experience. I came upon Sequinette’s website quite accidentally and was led more by intuition than by reason, and decided to contact her. The outcome was fantastic. Sequinette completely disarmed my otherwise tense dog with her gentleness and her confidence in what she was doing. When she was finished my dog was clean, lovely and most importantly HAPPY. She did not cower or hide and did not exhibit stress in the following days as she usually does. Sequinette has a calm, quiet, loving energy which my dog responded to immediately and her grooming expertise is apparent in her confident handling of my dog. I have now found my new in home NYC groomer.
— D.E. - Upper East Side, Manhattan